We have experience and expertise in the following software development tools, including some examples.

Windows Desktop Applications
C# Windows Forms, DevExpress, printed form creation, custom reporting
Maryland PPT Pro: Windows desktop app for accountants and businesses in Maryland to prepare the Maryland Personal Property tax forms.
Custom QuickBooks Tools: Data entry simplication and custom reporting

Web Applications
HTML, Javascript, AngularJS, Kendo UI
Buoy (under development): Accounting firm practice management system, SAAS, MongoDB, file storage, encryption
AnandTech.com: Top-tier technical reviews site with an international audience
DailyTech.com: Tech news site
GirlsLife.com: National magazine targeted to pre-teen girls

Back End Development
Completely custom content management systems for various clients
Magazine subscription site
Data Management System for Boston Public Schools
QuickBooks Online integration for custom data entry tools to simplify daily routines

SQL Server, MongoDB, VistaDB
Various clients and internal projects

*Note that we do not do front-end design, preferring to leave that to the experts in that field