Currently under development, Buoy is a practice manage system for accounting and CPA firms.  It is a multi-tenant SAAS with MVC, WCF, file storage and encryption services.

Boston Public Schools

We built a web-based application for the BPS to replace an aging desktop solution that was no longer able to meet their needs and had strict limits on the number of users.  BPS was able to reap the benefits of moving to a completely custom web-based platform while having all of their data imported from the legacy system.

Custom QuickBooks Development

One of our favorite types of work!  With QuickBooks Online becoming the go-to choice for small businesses across the globe, we have been able to build custom integrations that simplify routine data entry for many of our clients.  We simplified one client’s daily data entry from 10-15 minutes a day that was very prone to errors, down to a 2 minute process that eliminated virtually all errors.

For another client, they needed off-site employees to be able to view their large customer list that is maintained in QBO but not have access otherwise to QuickBooks Online.  We built a custom app that retrieves the data from QBO and their employees now use this instead of logging into QBO.

Maryland PPT Pro

Maryland PPT Pro is our in-house application we built to meet a need for a user-friendly application for accounting firms and business to complete the annual Maryland Personal Property Tax returns.  It has been around for almost ten years now with several hundred firms using it, including some of the largest CPA firms in Maryland.


AnandTech was using a fairly old and cumbersome content management system prior to our work.  We rebuilt the site into a modern language and created a completely custom back-end system that still gets rave reviews from staffers coming to us from other sites.


Girls Life had outgrown the capabilities of WordPress and had reached the point they really needed a custom content management system.  We were able to build them such a system and import their data from WordPress and over the years, the site has been able to be customized with specific features they needed.


*Note that we do not do front-end design, preferring to leave that to the experts in that field.  We did not design either of these sites front-ends; they were created by graphics designers and we implemented what the clients requested.